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Berka Solutions was established in 2019 due to the need for SME businesses and FM Clients to have to opportunity to leverage industry knowledge and experience to improve their business performance. 

The only constant in life is change, and many businesses and organisations struggle to not only manage the change but to see the opportunity it presents.

Our vision is to build a solutions-based business that delivers real and tangible results for clients using non-complex business transformation and continuous improvement methods in areas of engineering, facilities, life science, operations, and management across Ireland, Europe, and the US.

Our processes are strongly based on Operational Excellence methodologies and face-to-face coaching and mentoring in a collaborative style with clearly defined inputs and desired outputs.


The business objectives are structured in five key areas

  • Relationship – All relationships will be based on integrity, honesty, trust, engagement, and development.

  • Solutions Delivery – All operations of the business will be focused on continuous improvement with the ambition to solve business problems. Concern areas could be service quality, cost control, resource efficiency, productivity, waste, or innovation.

  • Commercial success – All operations must be based on sound commercial principles. 

  • Compliance – Our service will meet and exceed compliance requirements and be structured with clear policies and procedures in an open and transparent manner.

  • Innovation – Change is constant, and core to Berka Solutions will be the ability to adapt, evolve, innovate and continuously improve, and in doing so bring innovation to our clients.



Berka Solutions Ltd. is a privately owned consultancy business

Berka Solutions Office


Berka Solutions Mission Is To Bring Operational Excellence, Compliance, Service Quality, Cost Control, Efficiency, Productivity, Innovation and Team Development To Your Business.


Our Managing Director, Bernard Mac Oscair, is an experienced senior executive with a proven international, multi-site & multi-disciplinary track record in Operations, Business Development, Project Management, Utilities and Facilities within the Banking, Medical Device and the Life Science industry in Ireland and abroad.

Bernard originally studied Mechanical Engineering, and completed his MBA, specializing in knowledge management in 2005. More recently he has completed a second Masters in Project Management, qualified as a Lead Auditor and is a certified PMP professional.

Bernard holds a natural comprehension of organisational behaviour and operations and has the abilities, attributes and skills to deliver measured client-centric results. An excellent communicator and leader at all levels, Bernard is results oriented, creative, and strategically driven with a strong client focus.

Over the past number of years Bernard has delivered some significant business restructures through change management, operational excellence, transformational and lean programs. These have led to considerable reductions in costs and increases in productivity, often measured directly through P&L and SLA KPIs.

Bernard's growth strategy for Berka Solutions is based on meeting our clients needs in problem solving through innovation and coaching

Director Berka Solutions - Bernard MacOscair


Our Solutions
Berka Solutions: Problem solving services

Problems Solved

  • Implemented a Change Management & Continuous Improvement program leading to an increase in Employee Satisfaction Survey scores and team engagement using our STEPS Program

  • Developed the Facilities Management Strategic Operational roadmap for a large national Utility

  • Lead the restructure of a SME organisation with 85 employees, leading to double digit revenue growth and significant increased margin return.

  • Delivered an RFP Outsourcing program for the Facilities, Environmental and Waste Water Disposal services for a large Multi-National Pharmaceutical achieving over €1 million in cost savings.

  • Reduced FM spend for five manufacturing sites from €24 million to €21 million through Operational Excellence program.

  • Built an operations team from 1 to 100, restructured twice and right sized to 86 headcount while increasing productivity by 17%.

  • Led project team to implement LAAS (Light as a Service) solution that won national Project of the Year.

  • Led the overhaul of 138MW Generator in situ in India, saving over 2.2 million in costs.

  • Led the design, development, commissioning and validation of the largest automated Purified Water Room in Ireland at the time.

Our motto is simple - "As we grow, we adapt. As we adapt, we learn. As we learn, we create our stories."

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Our vision is to build a solutions-based business that delivers real and tangible results for clients using business transformation techniques and operational excellence processes in engineering, facilities, life science, operations and management across Ireland, Europe and the US.

​Our structured problem solving techniques ensure we focus on the root causes of your challenges, not the symptoms, and build robust corrective action plan to drive success. 


Berka Solutions is passionate about solving problems, exploring solutions and working collaboratively with you through simple yet effective business transformation and operational excellence techniques.

Berka Solutions Director - Bernard MacOscair
Berka Solutions Values


"We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration, where every voice is heard and every idea is valued.


We're committed to creating a workplace that inspires creativity, innovation, and growth, and we're always looking for individuals who share our passion for making a difference."

Berka Solutions - Culture & Values

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Our Services

Berka Facility Management Services
  1. Service & Cost Analysis

  2. Procurement Support

  3. Auditing

  4. Mobilization, Program & Project Management

  5. Asset Care program Management

Berka Operational Excellence Management Services
  1. Lean Start

  2. Lean Plus

  3. Lean Transform

  4. Lean Assessment and Continuous Improvement Action Plans​

Berka compliance services
  1. Compliance Program Management

  2. Auditing.

  3. ISO 9001

  4. ISO 14001

  5. ISO 41001

  6. ISO 50001 

  7. ISO 55001


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Berka Solutions Learning & Development Services
  1. Strategic Growth

  2. One to One Management support

  3. Team Building

  4. Goals & Objectives.

  5. Talent Management Strategies development & Implementation.

  6. Learning Evaluation.

  7. Continuous Improvement.

  8. Training Needs Analysis

  9. Learning and Development Strategy.

  10. Learning & Development Initiatives Execution & Delivery. 

Berka Project Management Services
  1. Pre-Project Assessment. 

  2. Project Charter and Stakeholder Register development. 

  3. Project Planning and Execution 

  4. Project Governance, Auditing, Monitoring & Control.

Berka Solutions Digital Transformation Services
  1. Developing Digital Strategies.

  2. Assessing and selecting vendors.

  3. Implementing new Digital Platforms,

  4. Optimizing data.

  5. Management & Analytics.

  6. Ongoing Training & Support to successfully Adoption of Technologies.

Our Clients 

Berka Solutions Client - Aramark
Berka Solutions Client - ICBE
Berka Solutions Client - Portobello
Irish Water - Berka Client
Berka Solutions Client - MSD
Berka Solutions Client - iwfm
Berka Solutions Client - Armstrong Timber Engineering
Berka Solutions Client - Apple
Berka Solutions Client - ervia

What Our Clients Says

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Berka Solutions - Client mitie Logo
“Berka Solutions provided us with a really informative and thorough training course in GXP requirements in the Lifescience and MedTech industry. Bernard’s expertise is excellent, as is his presentation style and collaborative approach.
I have no doubt his training program and workshops were not only helpful in winning new contracts, but also strengthened the entire team’s ability and awareness. I can highly recommend him as a trainer and a consultant.”

Marian Cronin

Head of Business Development Mitie

Berka Solutions - Strategy
Berka Solutions - DMAIC Strategy
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