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Berka Solutions Operational Excellence Consultancy
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SME's Operational Excellence Consultancy 

Berka Solutions Managing Director completed his Green Belt while working for Johnson & Johnson in 2003 and has since continued to implement Operational Excellence programs across multiple businesses and industries.

Core to Operational Excellence is process-driven continuous improvement. This commences with a clear understanding of the challenges to success, using Kaizen, Lean and DMAIC tools to enable change, and ensuring behaviours are embedded to remove blame and constantly seek improvement.

In 2019, Bernard completed his second Masters in Project Management and specialized program management. His thesis focused specifically on understanding the barriers that SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) experience when implementing change in their organizations. Coming from a family business background and a strong advocate in SME development in Ireland, Bernard has lead some significant SME business transformation projects through Berka Solutions.

The focus of these programs is the realigning of the organizations to meet their potential, with a significant focus on engagement, communication, coaching and mentoring, while building strong business processes to sustain change and growth within the business.

These programs have been commercially supported through organizations such as the ICBE (Irish Centre for Business Excellence) and EI (Enterprise Ireland).

Operational Excellence Program

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Berka solutions OP Excellence services

We typically works with organizations to help them improve their operations and business processes. Our goal is to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

This could involve mapping out the organization's processes, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing Lean Operational Excellence methodologies to optimise the processes.

 Our Achievement In Operational Excellence 

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Case Study: Berka Solutions Shortlisted for A3 Storyboard at Lean Conference

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Operational Excellence Program Broadly Covers Following Services 

Lean Start 

80% of the total Lean Start project  is funded by IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland.

Sounds Interesting, get in touch to discuss more, rest leave on us, we will guide and support you throughout the project. Implementing these strategies can help your organization to improve its efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, resulting in continuous progress towards excellence. 

+353 0879113290

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Our Lean Start project is an initiative that offers an initial exposure to Lean principles, providing a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques that can benefit your organization in a brief yet intensive engagement. 

The objectives of a Lean Start project may include:

  • Introducing Lean or related process improvement principles to a company.

  • Completing a specific improvement project to demonstrate the value of the approach.

  • Developing a Lean/Organizational Innovation & Digitization roadmap or action plan, including an assessment or benchmark of the current situation.

After completing the Lean Start, we also provide all required assistance to client's to pursue their lean journey via a Lean Plus program. During this engagement, we also develop a detailed "Lean Plus" and "Lean transform" application for our client's that can help them successfully transition to these higher-level programs.

A Lean Start project can be an excellent starting point for your company's digitalization journey. Using Lean to map out and measure processes can establish a foundation for automating repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to work on value-adding activities for customers.

Lean Plus 

A maximum of €50,000 is granted by Enterprise Ireland, covering 50% of eligible project costs, as part of the funding support offered. 

Sounds Interesting, get in touch to discuss more, rest leave everything on us, we will guide and support you throughout the project. Implementing these strategies can help your organization improve its efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, resulting in continuous progress towards excellence. 

+353 0879113290

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Our "Lean Plus" program focuses on a business process improvement project for the medium-scale industries.

The objective of the Lean Plus project is to enhance productivity within the company by focusing on improving value for the customer. for this we consider on reducing waste, increasing quality, and improving delivery speed.

Typically we focus on mentioned below key measures to boost the client's organization's efficiency and profitability

  • Use value stream mapping to identify any operational waste and reduce costs in your key processes.

  • Optimize the layout, workplace organization, and processes, as well as the flow of information and materials, to improve lead times.

  • Introduce visual management systems throughout the organization to enhance communication and teamwork.

  • Improve quality by standardizing processes, practicing structured problem-solving, and implementing continuous improvement systems.

  • Implement better processes, such as OEE, TPM, and automation, to increase capacity at a reduced cost.

  • Optimize inventory and stock forecasting to match customer demand and reduce cash flow costs.

  • Increase profitability by improving product planning, scheduling, and supply chain control systems in line with customer needs.


Lean Transform

Enterprise Ireland covers maximum rates of 50% for a Large company, 60% for a Medium sized company and 70% for a Small company.

Sounds Interesting, contact us right now to explore this further. Leave the rest to us, we'll provide guidance and support throughout the project. Implementing these strategies can help your organization improve its efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, resulting in continuous progress towards excellence.

+353 0879113290

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Our Lean Transform project is a comprehensive and extensive package of various training program that we designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees within the organization, crucially it focus on building their capacity and capabilities.

The goal is to facilitate an Organizational Innovation program aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the continuous flow of value to customers

  • Implementing team-based problem-solving and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

  • Identifying and eliminating wasteful activities across the business and supply chain

  • Developing leadership and management skills to align operations with the company's overall strategy

In addition to this, we prioritize the environmental sustainability of the business and incorporate training programs as needed to improve the organization's adaptability and durability in dealing with the effects of climate change on the environment.


For a deeper insight into our work, we invite you to explore our projects, that speak volumes about the transformative impact of our services on client's businesses and their operations.

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Lean Assessment, Continuous Improvement & Audit Programs


Evaluating an organization's current practices and identifies areas for improvement in terms of efficiency, productivity, and waste reduction. This service includes: Value stream mapping, Standardization of process and practices, Process analysis that involves analyzing the organization's processes to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement, employees evaluation to understand their level of involvement in the organization's lean efforts, and identifying ways to improve employee buy-in and participation.

Audit services includes systematic and independent examination of an organization's financial statements, records, operations, or processes to assess whether they comply with applicable laws and regulations, internal policies, and industry standards.​

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Berka Solutions has developed a Team Engagement Program to help clients improve the performance of their team.
The Program is based in five core principles required to deliver exceptional Team Performance.

Strategy – This is where you are going – It’s in the future
Culture – This is where you are and defines your ability to change
Leadership – This is the engine required to drive change
Engagement – This is the hard and soft infrastructure to connect the team
Variance – This is the gap between management and the team.

Note: ICBE (Irish Centre for Business Excellence) Advanced Productivity SkillNet funding may be available to businesses that undertake the STEPS Program

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Our STEPS Program - Strategic Team Engagement Performance Scorecard

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Design Thinking SPRINT - Explained in detail by our Managing Director


What Our Clients Says

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“Berka Solutions provided us with a really informative and thorough training course in GXP requirements in the Lifescience and MedTech industry. Bernard’s expertise is excellent, as is his presentation style and collaborative approach.
I have no doubt his training program and workshops were not only helpful in winning new contracts, but also strengthened the entire team’s ability and awareness. I can highly recommend him as a trainer and a consultant.”

Marian Cronin

Head of Business Development Mitie

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